Now the industry trend summons you all to loom keen on what WhiteRobo Design indeed does and why in the market space it bustles a lot quite a near time. We optimize your most vital key – the Website on all the angles and give you a chance for cake-walk. Indeed you’ll call WhiteRobo for more cake-walks in your business platform.

We play between the lines of Logo, Landing Page, Website and obviously the spot-light Social presence. WhiteRobo designs tailor-made sites that satisfy the unique requirements of our customers. We never use generic off-the-shelf templates instead our key tools to architect websites are Art, SEO and Usability.

Picking the right web design offers your business a world difference. WhiteRobo stocks in radical increment of search traffic and improvement of conversion rates. Yes, we’re architects, who design in following ways and well shape the website to provide high SEO over online visibility.

Website Design

Design that tells your business, reflects your business identity to get noticed by your TG and also be remembered ever in the market place. In an ever upgrading digital age, we design in a crisp way to get well identified and set you apart from the common in your business relay. We’re passionate about designing websites that are cutting-edge yet tailored to clients’ requirements and values.

WhiteRobo ensures that the design of the website not only meeting the clients’ requirements but also very user-interface, navigation friendly, compliant and utilizes/implements the current technological trend in design perspective as GUI, Responsive design et al.

Website Redesign

We believe in initial impressions are of paramount important for the online presence and existence. But yet, we help the brands that to be re-designed in a fresh, creative and highly correlated way to stamp heavy for a strong online presence. WhiteRobo in principle follows high quality, robust and professional approach to build website. When comes to redesign, we think in more proactive way to provide the brand an unparalleled visual appeal that drives your conversion rate as in good amount of numbers.

Either the design or the design, we ensure that your TG should have more rewarding experience when visiting your website. It is indeed important that the website to be developed in a professional way with the latest programming languages that facilitate easy-to-navigate and easy-to-load web pages and provide an effective interaction with potential customers.

Logo Design

Great logos are mater-pieces of Art. Your brand gets its face to your business, with a catchy, attention seeking logo highlighted in a lime-light. WhiteRobo’s design team is expertise in the art and science of creating a perfect logo to your business. The business builds on a brand image that reaches the public in a wide spectrum. We play around the concepts to design an unmatched logo to talk about your business visually. WhiteRobo does the revision, correction, enhancement to deliver you the right logo, where we leave you not to think about iteration but on spending minutes to pick the options. The four fundamentals we follow when we code a logo are: Simplicity to convey the idea/emotion in a crisp, Versatility for a clear, effective & adaptability to use your logo on any BG, Relevancy to highlight your business theme & resonant to your TG and Artistry, of course we play with fonts, icons, color codes, layout and composition.

Landing Page Design

WhiteRobo holds a deep technical knowledge of designing landing page for the Websites. Landing Page – an often first place that brings prospect to your business once any finger-fall happen. In principle, it is the foremost step for establishing a strong business in the channel of online presence. WhiteRobo delivers you a well-designed, smart-worded and highly operational landing page to engage your customers in a more functional way that generates leads to your business indeed.

Social Media Profile

Like a store requiring counters, racks, a cash register indeed, your website has a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for it to perform at its optimum level. At the base of the model, we name it Social Presence. It is a dynamic environment where societies engage in conversations/sharings about experiences, especially brands/products or whatever it may be else you can imagine. While Websites are the genuine authority of the brand, Social Media channels are the authorised power to talk about the respective brand in the pubic pool.

In recent trend, Social Media is far more than Facebook however. In present scenario, you can find different channels; reach different people across the global. Here, WhiteRobo enters the picture; we optimize your website posting with links and with SEO enhancement that takes your brand to its TG which bolsters your brand’s presence in good amount of conversion numbers.

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