The goal behind WhiteRobo's social media marketing services is to place your brand on a position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Social Media Audit is an in-depth analysis of your site’s presence across the various social networks and a strategically way to improve the website’s performance. Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we tune the social web on how to take advantage to drive visitors to your website.

We know that not all the websites hold a place on all the social platforms; hence we cater our customized suggestions to realistic options including niche opportunities and relevant mainstream tactics for splendid online visibility and presence.

Effective Social Strategy with Social Media Marketing Audit

In recent scenario, search engines start evolving beyond meek link-based algorithms and drive towards citations & mentions of your brand, thus social media can be crucial to building your brand’s reach and search engine presence. It can also amplify your content (blog posts, articles, infographics, et al.) through created official social profiles.

Social Media Audit lets you to see through all the set social efforts and help identifying where to kick the things to be up. WhiteRobo uses advanced technological software tools for social media audit to identify how the efforts stack up against the industry/market competitors, along with what’s working and what isn’t in the current social media efforts. This includes evaluating the content you’re sharing, timing, persona development, channel selection and distribution, and the performance of the current promotions and contests across social channels. In addition, we do perform social media monitoring to help reveal what your customers are saying about your brand, along with when, where, and why they’re saying it.

We then chart and endorse a specific course forward, based on your business requirements and your brand’s needs. We charge responsibility for the reins through social media management, as well as your content marketing, social promotion, and SEO. Wherein we believe that a thorough social media audit provides a vibrant and perfect blueprint for all the future digital marketing efforts.

Our Range Of Services

  • Review and Analysis of your existing social media profiles and execution
  • Review and Analysis of your business objectives and current approach, strategies and tactics that are tuned to integrate social media goals
  • Review and Analysis of your Facebook insights, Twitter following, YouTube statistics, LinkedIn profile optimization, Blog readership via Google Analytics, et al and generate reports on its results
  • Recommendations for Focus groups with your clients, stake holders, executive leadership, to gain insights into brand perception and industry needs
  • Recommendations to map your business offerings to the needs of current market

WhiteRobo's Unique Capablity

  • Analysis of the social media efforts of up to maximum 3 direct competitors to identify what is and is not working for them
  • Analysis of company’s/brand’s existing social media efforts including the inculcated strategy, list of customers, and how well the used tools you are spinning for goals
  • Endorsement for set social media strategy moving forward, including any current tools you are using, and any additional tools that is mandatory
  • Endorsement for content strategy moving forward, including on how to increase your content creation and the representation for multiple social media presences together.  Say for, how the set efforts on Twitter and Facebook can make your blog page more effective and efficient
  • Endorsement on how to build engagement and interface with customers through interactive social media efforts
  • Detailed analysis on Measuring Results, including which metrics shall be effective and why should track and which calls to action you should be including in your content, et al
  • And, a detailed report inclusive of complete actionable recommendations to improve your brand and your business with an integrated approach

WhiteRobo gives you a quick and comprehensive assessment to help you to identify the fair opportunities to improve your brand’s online existence and how to stack up ahead your competitors in your niche/related industry.

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