WhiteRobo does advanced website SEO audit analyses with technical infrastructure methodology to up your website with top-notch online performance. Our SEO audit evaluates your website using industry trend practices, search engine guidelines and historical data to determine key issues and optimization opportunities to enhance your SEO performance.

User Experience

SEO audit assesses the site on how user friendly and interface functionality the website is. It digs well into in-depth linking structures, page titles, site performance and the other elements to provide good user experience to the site visitors. User experience is vital wherein a website should meet certain standards that are mandatory as per current industry/market requirements.

SEO Audit

WhiteRobo identifies the key problematic areas that bug the website and factors that help website for improvement. We detect all the possible factors that influence your website’s search engine rankings, along with functionality and performance metrics.

Why SEO Audit Required

SEO audit is as an action plan sketches a detailed outline on what to be changed/modified and fixed for classy site performance, user performance and interaction. Find the appended below points that answer the question of why do you need SEO Audit;

  • When your search engine ranking starts drop-down suddenly
  • When your web traffic is plummeting
  • Unexpected results from your website on conversion factors
  • When your website holds more backlinks but still ranking below than your competitors
  • To optimize your website and improve site’s visibility on search results
  • To discover any unfriendly search engine features on your website

WhiteRobo's experience and capability in SEO audit service proves dedicated deliverables and client satisfaction over a period of years.

Our Range of Services includes;

  • An executive document on SEO Audit structure
  • A presentation slide sheets highlighting the key issues & opportunities to mend it and Q’s & A’s to clear all your raising queries
  • Audit chapters details on site health, technical factors, conversions, site content, social and link profile
  • Detailed analyses on existing on-page SEO
  • Examining your off-page SEO to check the quality of links
  • Comparative study and verification of your website on search engines
  • A detailed assessment on the possibility of how well the researched keywords will perform

WhiteRobo delivers a detailed report after the process of SEO audit outlining the following factors;

  • The most tenacious issues that bugs your website
  • On-page factors affecting search engine optimization level
  • Identifying off-page factors affecting website’s rankings
  • Website content issues if any when it does not support the site on prompt search
  • If there any conversion issues that affects the sale deals
  • Analysis on competitors
  • Generate reports for backlinks’ performance
  • External link acquisition strategy
  • Endorsements to address all the above mentioned factors

After completing the profile creation for your website, we suggest you the change factors to implement into your website for your online store’s rankings. It comprises;

  • Educative on-page SEO notes includes alt tag creation & edition, duplicate content mending et al
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Link detox wherein required
  • Managing Google’s disavowal process
  • Submission on industry/market/business niche directories, say for ‘Google My Business’, where in earlier period it was called as ‘Google Places’

Once after completing the entire SEO audit, we resubmit your site to Google. WhiteRobo's experts in search engine optimization audit ensure that your website is completely up to date with industry best SEO practices.

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