As repeat exposure builds brand awareness, online advertising is no exception hence remarketing strategy becomes progressively widespread to reach interested customers. Google remarketing provides efficient way to make sure of your messages reach your right TG.


Remarketing identifies the often site visiting finger-falls then it works by showing those visitors your Ads as how they view generally on other sites too which are part of the Google Display Network.

For say, if an internet user visits your online retail store, he/she might browse your site, place a product or two in the shopping cart, and then decide that he/she can’t really afford it at present. By engaging the remarketing strategy, ads for your products (in particular the products they were looking to buy) can then be placed on other sites they are browsing, encouraging them to return to your site, reconsider, and make a purchase. Hence your sale is dealt. This principle is similar to all categories of brand as where the difference stands is, the keywords and the strategy that the professionals, we set in right way.

Beneficial Features

Remarketing allows you to be in touch with the site visitors who appealed your website/online store or in your products or services in the past. Repeated targeting towards a particular set of audience leaves you fresh in their mind as when they decide to follow through with their enquiries on similar categories of products or services, remarketing works in striking them with your brand name and make them doing purchase your products or approach you in case if it is service category. In addition, this particular marketing strategy provides you with an array of fair chances to up-sell and cross-sell the related products to customers who have shown an interest in, or bought, similar products in the past.

As an effective marketing strategy in repeated hammering, remarketing allows you to reach potential customers multiple times in a month, a week or even a day. In addition, it also works extremely well with other online marketing strategies, such as Google Shopping, allowing you in achieving the best ROIs.


It is one another way of reaching consumers who appealed your business or services. It is an internet advertising technology which displays your banner advertisement to your site visitors who often browsed over your website/online store and to the searchers who use relevant set of keywords related to your brand product or business services.

Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting identifies the fingers that show intent in purchasing your products or services when they search with your business relevant keywords. It shows your display ad to your consumer folks based on the search terms i.e. keywords from broad spectrum that are your products/services relevant to specific trademarked terms to show the width of purchase intent. Thus, your brand product or your service is on the top list of the consumers’ choices.

Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting identifies the fingers that are recently visited your website/online store and shown attention towards your product or services. Then the execution starts with continuing retargeting your display ads as and when they surf over sites across web.

Our Unique Capablity

WhiteRobo assures for targeting relevant searchers, top-of-mind brand & service awareness and drive right consumers at right time. Our professional experts with years of experience set industry trend strategy tunes specific to remarketing and retargeting offer you indeed greater number of website conversions with approved results.

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