Plenty of cowboys can be found in the ground of PPC advertising. It’s a highly unregulated industry and unfortunately it seems that anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can offer PPC advertising advice. To avoid getting taken for a ride, make sure you use the professionals for your PPC management, WhiteRobo helps you in all the hands and provides positive deliverables.

Google PPC Management Services

Any 'purchase' on a search engine like Google, the term coins as PPC Advertising. Google's Adwords advertising is certainly the most popular because of the high level usage by folks across the globe. Every minute when someone clicks on your purchased listing, you are charged a fee. This fee depends on how competitive the market you’re targeting is – for industries with a lot of competitors, say for banking, insurance, or retail the Adwords are rather expensive for each click. It is as like as any advertising, but it is efficient to make sure that the profits gain is worth the cost of investment.


Initial Set-up

  • Business Understanding : We believe in the maxim, “the more we understand your business, the higher our chances of success”. We prepare a detailed assessment once the proposal is approved, to get more glimpses on your brand and its selling points. We clarify all the possible question points with you, and then kick start the plan structure of your account. To leverage your existing data, we will also ask for access to your Google Analytics account and any existing PPC (pay per click) campaigns if you execute currently.
  • New Adwords Account : We create a new Adword Account comprising of researched list of keywords, and to the next we create Ad groups, develop site links and slick Ad cop to capture the essence of your business. The cycle runs after your review, and then we amend for your approval later the cycle executes on the show.
  • Going Live : Once after the two side confirmation signs green, we submit your account details to Google to run the show online. Here the “abracadabra” happens, wherein no time you will start seeing the traffic coming your way from your targeted customers. Typically, we allow two weeks right from the proposal sign-off to the date that your PPC campaign goes live.

Monthly Management

  • Bid Price Management : It is technical policy that every keyword holds different cost per click (CPC) and conversion rate, thus we see varying return on investment (ROI). Each time someone searches on Google, there happens a competitor bidding for given keyword, with different data points for each auction. Taken into consideration an account that may have thousands of keywords, and you can start to appreciate the complexity. Here we play smart to make you to be ahead of the competitors, we change your bid prices for each keyword, say often on a daily basis, to get the best results. On track of accomplishment, we are self-proclaimed data junkies and we get off on this stuff.
  • Ad copy Split Testing : Since, Ad copy is the core part of the success in PPC bidding, we relay perfect digital message to the right prospect at right time and location. With hands-on experience in writing Ad copies, and we know the pulse of what works and what doesn’t. We believe that testing ad copy against other ad copy on a constant basis is the key to high ROI, hence constantly writing new Ad copy compete with the current copy running our campaign in longevity.
  • Account Structure Enhancement : Accumulation of more data requires structural change to improve for better results. Implementation of new list of researched & brand relevant keywords, new Ad groups, setting up of new campaigns and unlinking few codes of the account which didn’t turn profit. Thus, the new PPC account structure changes and adapts in a time period to perform in a more effective mode.
  • Custom Review : As a professional, we mine your actual customer search query data and Google Analytics data for further insights into what your prospects are ideally looking for. On the other hand, it means to deleting/modifying “negative keywords” from your account and adding “positive keywords” to access your ads showing for more relevant traffic.

Our Unique Capablity

WhiteRobo is a Certified Partner of Google Adwords; in addition all our PPC Account Professionals are individually qualified with Google. We ideally believe in transparency, thus we will link your Adwords account to your Google Analytics account, where you can have the access to all PPC data by 24*7. We generate the Reports consistently on monthly basis, with all the results and comments in detail. However, we are very flexible to send you data as frequently as you like and we are round-the-clock reachable.

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  • SE Marketing Searchers are ready with their keywords. Little search adds billions of them. The strength of the brand depends exactly on engaging with your customers

  • WhiteRobo's expertise initially works on set-up testing scenarios to forecast the connection from search to social, online to offline. We start from the scratch to the master-piece.

  • SEM ads appear as Ads on the top page and on the RHS is the search engine results page..

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