Take your online marketing to a new level with WhiteRobo Google Display Network Advertising Services. It positions your display ad on a selection of Google and affiliate websites that your TG reads in and around the world when visiting frequently.

Google Display Network Advertisement

Google Display Network Ad runs your book ad on over millions of Google partner websites plus specific Google websites including Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube that show your AdWords ads. It comprises mobile sites and apps. It increases your ad's chances to your target readership’s view ability with the usage of specific targeting factors such as keywords, topic, region, age, language, audience interest, and even precise websites which are part of Google's network.

WhiteRobo's Unique Capability

Here you go! No worries to cast your fishing line all over the map and hope for a bite. With WhiteRobo's Google Display Network Marketing Services, you can focus and extend your reach and direct your ad promotions to where your readers are converging. A team of dedicated Google Display Network Ad specialists, we do in-depth analysis to spin the strategy for increasing online credibility, converting new & existing website traffic into customer & sales, prime web traffic behaviour and preferences. By leveraging our bespoke specialized Google Display Network techniques and customized display campaigns, we place your product/s or service/s in front of your TG, increasing the brand value and customer conversation rate.


  • Creation of book ad in various formats: website text ads, website image ads, and mobile ads
  • Placement of book ad on websites relevant to the ad category
  • Campaign information review on the platform including display ads, budgets and other details
  • Campaign execution up and campaign review to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Once the campaign is provisioned, we push our technology to deliver your campaign data and ads to extensive array of network partners
  • Through WhiteRobo's API, we continually monitor and record all the data results across the display network to scale the performance of the campaign
  • We aggregate all the campaign performance information in detail i.e. from exchanges & networks, and represent detailed reports on numbers of clicks, impressions, CPM and spent amount, where WhiteRobo is mean for transparency
  • By leveraging our engaging optimization technology, we consistently update the campaign based on the brand category to deliver optimized performance as per the budget

To get an instant stream of ready-to-buy visitors, WhiteRobo's Google-accredited consultants on the case, turn Google’s search results into masses of web traffic for as long as there’s been the Google Adwords, thus we ensure up gradation in a consistent way. Accurate research on effective term combinations, fine-tuned strategy set-up, WhiteRobo assures for maximize conversion rates and display network ad longevity.

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How PDM helps to your business

  • SE Marketing Searchers are ready with their keywords. Little search adds billions of them. The strength of the brand depends exactly on engaging with your customers

  • WhiteRobo's expertise initially works on set-up testing scenarios to forecast the connection from search to social, online to offline. We start from the scratch to the master-piece.

  • SEM ads appear as Ads on the top page and on the RHS is the search engine results page..

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