Campaigns that we set stands for years with useful turns on tens of thousands of dollars that you spent. It is because of the hands on experience that we hold proven track records of accomplishment and dedicated team to manage your account to make profitable.

Not only the entire service pack we do but also we doctor your campaigns if you have any existing execution. When your Google Adwords campaign runs on weak ROI or you're not sure how well your site/campaign is performing, we do in-depth performance audits that can show you exactly where things are going wrong and how to address the issues quickly. Performance audits are especially crucial for paid search advertising accounts, because unnecessary click costs can rack up quickly and chew through your ad budget within hours.

Google Adwords Audit

Our Google Adwords audits focus on the performance of your existing campaigns and assess them on the basis of functionality, efficiency and Return on Investment. Areas reviewed include account structure, ad group theming, keyword analysis, Ad copy analysis, conversions & ROI, quality scores, landing pages, bid strategy and competitor metrics. In addition, we do assist you to create new Adwords campaigns if you require aside the existing one or as per your brand’s need. We generate in detail recommendations for fixes and improvements along with our Audit report.

Factors we identify and fix in Google Adwords Audit comprises:

  • Weak ROIs
  • No enough Ads running
  • Ads that do not reveal set business Keywords
  • No enough Ad Groups
  • No enough Quality Score Column
  • No enough Content Bids
  • Unnecessary use of Multiple Campaigns creating collapse
  • No enough targeted Landing Pages
  • Not usage of prompt Keyword Matching Options
  • No Positive Keywords
  • Not targeting Right Audience
  • No proper set on Daily Budget
  • No Conversion Tracking

Our Unique Capablity

Our review involves audit of Google Adwords on the search center. When we carry out an Audit we follow a predefined process to evaluate the accounts in detail. Our Google Adwords Audit process rightly stars from understanding the audit objective, coverage and leading to data analysis. We fix the above said malfunctions and in certain we do consider the following features;

  • Online Advertising objective
  • Ad group & Campaign structure
  • Analysis of various Advertising opportunity
  • Keyword & Landing Page research for quality scores
  • Landing Page evaluation for classy scores
  • Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer Integration

Our Audit Report Delivery

We generate an in-depth report which clarifies your implementation based on accuracy, action ability and consistency of data. Find the following sections which are potential to consider in a Google Adwords Audit Report.

  • An executive summary on all the possible improvements of your Adwords Account
  • Strategic changes those are mandatorily required to your Account
  • A summary on assessed benefits and efforts for all the modifications

WhiteRobo focuses on vital key metrics and let you know the highest priorities required to your account to get your campaigns in the best of health. We are meant to transparency on both the sides of service and cost charging.

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