SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the most important component of Search Engine Marketing and it leads the completely new world of online advertising. Getting your website among the first few links on a search result page is all about meticulous planning led by a techno-creative approach.

With records of proven accomplishment WhiteRobo successfully help diverse range of clients globally. As by our experience and dedication, we hold reputed name among our potential clients with clear focus and updated knowledge. We always ensure our clients that we make the most of the best-known tips and tricks of SEO and other updating Search Engine Optimization techniques. We help develop websites and web content that is not only user friendly, but also technically sound to attract search engines.

Our Unique Approach

  1. Competitive Analysis

    This is an evaluation phase to analyze your competitors with relevant keywords to scale their bandwidth. The competitiveness of your online search market is analyzed by our competitor analysis specialist to know where the top five of your toughest competitors stand, as per we design the strategy for you to make you stand ahead steps forward than your competitors.

  2. Key phrase Research and Classification

    WE believe in that the most relevant keywords boosts SEO campaigns, hence we research with existing analytics data, competitor’s Meta tags, and keyword discovery tools. Even if the current market is flooded with businesses optimizing for your key phrases, we identify those vital key phrases that have been overlooked by competitors but have high search volume.

  3. Title and Meta Tag Optimization

    We integrate the researched set of key words/phrases with the titles and Meta tags. Our team does the determination on the hierarchy of the WebPages to place the general set of keywords on pages with most links. Even though Meta description tags have nothing to do with your ranking directly, you need them to make people click onto your site. We set the module to drive visitors through these descriptions and integrate keywords at right place.

  4. Key phrase Incorporation into Website Copy

    We develop content to efficiently promote your business whilst incorporating keywords with required density right for the best search engine ranking results. Or if you would like to add your own content to be published on your website, we modify it by adding necessary keywords to your work with required distribution whereas we focus on ‘flow and fashion’ of the copy.

  5. Website Submittal to Search Engines

    When the entire plan is set on perfect phase, we launch your website to major search engines with the help of XML sitemaps and it may take anytime between 2 to 3 weeks before they ideally index the website.

  6. Link Building

    When a website has a good number of quality inbound links, it receives lot more vitality from search engines. We believe that more relevant the inbound links are more wonders they can do for search rankings! Hence, WhiteRobo is handy at procuring a lot of one-way, high- quality inbound links with our bespoken link building strategies.

  7. Statistics and Metrics Monitoring

    WhiteRobo collects all the important statistical information from your website to convert the data into precise note to set promotional tactics in more advancement. The search engine monitoring tools track the visitors and create ways to tug the website for maximum conversions and revenue.

    In summary, WhiteRobo ensures that your company is visible to whoever may search services that you are offering at the final completion of the SEO project. Through WhiteRobo SEO, you make sure that you reach the clients that need you and don’t waste anytime searching for leads that may never amount to anything.

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