WhiteRobo strongly believes that all the social media campaigns start with robust strategy. The fact matter lies in the heart of implementation part, for this reason we initially consult with you to devise a tailored Facebook marketing and set strategy for your business. Based on the stage your business in, we tune the strategy focus to alter right from gathering audience to engagement – always pinned by WhiteRobo's techniques to drive traffic to your Facebook and the real flavour goes to your website.

We build your Facebook page with our comprehensive techniques. As per our strategy, we initially jot down your brands keywords, of course a biggest part in Facebook marketing. We build a tie between the keywords that we create especially for bulleted campaigns like Facebook with your root keywords designed for your brand’s website, thus gives the genuine picture as tete-a-tete feel. As per the principle, we create Ads to execute the campaign that talks about your brand/product and your business. Here WhiteRobo stands with its unique differentiator, we build micro site – a hybrid version of your website that sits as part of your Facebook page, which can be easily access from the user timeline.

The users can access the micro site by still remaining on Facebook, means here the fine option is can able to navigate through the web pages while engaging in your regular Facebook activities. Facebook Micro Site allows the business to market better through Facebook adverts and adds vitality to your digital presence that increases consumer awareness of your brand indeed, moreover organic web traffic.

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  • When it comes to Web Designing and Web Development Services, I have often had bad experiences and the product was never delivered as per my requirements.

  • I have often had bad experiences and the product was never delivered as per my requirements. Then I found Whiterobo services! They not only understood my requirements completely .

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