Bing/ Yahoo is one of the affordable forms of online advertising and PPC services. It was a time that it has lower number of users as the CPC for this service is less but in recent times, Bing/Yahoo started powering equal to Google PPC services. Its new form of Ad centre even imports your Google Adwords account directly, so it is likely easy to keep you up running in hours, and capture good amount of traffic with at ease competition.

Best Features of Bing/Yahoo PPC Marketing Services

While Google dominates search engine marketing worldwide, Bing/Yahoo search engine marketing solutions on pay-per-click (PPC) starts offering more efficient and cost-effective access to customers as the online landscape is typically less competitive than on Google’s advertising platform Adwords.

Bing/Yahoo’s capability is improved to generate around 10 billion global searches per month across the global wide, which is less in less numbers than the Google returns. This may be an appropriate indicator of how much to invest relatively between pay-per-click campaigns with each search engine. However, the competitive nature of paid Google searches in your industry may result in a cost-per-click (CPC) bit higher than on Bing/Yahoo, it is considerable started generating worth factors.

  • It allows to import Adwords into Bing/Yahoo, thus it is tranquil to run the campaign and it is at ease to spin as fast as simple if there is any existing account
  • Bing/Yahoo headlines accept nearly 40 characters rather than 25 at a minimum
  • Nearly 3.5 million Bing/Yahoo users are spread across global wide and it is excellent complement for existing traffic and to drive new traffic too indeed
  • Advertisers pay an average of over 110% more click on Adwords wherein Bing/Yahoo requires average pay of 90%
  • Bing/Yahoo reaches up to 4.5 million unique searchers in Asia, representing nearly 107.5 million monthly searches.


Like all PPC advertising, Bing/Yahoo PPC offers a significant advantage over traditional media as it provides advertisers with direct access to the target market. This focused form of advertising with scalable cost based on a per-click advertising rate, ensures that advertisers can reach the customers at a relatively low cost compared to TV and print advertising.

Geographical targeting allows advertisers to target local niches or nationwide customer bases while all pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Yahoo can be budgeted and triggered at specific times, targeting peak periods for maximum effect in line with online marketing budgets. Ad testing, such as split testing, allows advertisers to refine the ads and keyword selection improving conversion rate of every advertisement. Bing/Yahoo pay-per-click advertisements offer on distinct advantage over Google – allowing advertisers longer advertising titles and content so advertisers can have a fair chance to appeal to their target market.

Our Unique Capablity

WhiteRobo holds specialists to manage Bing/Yahoo specific pay-per-click advertising campaigns. We hold years of experience in dealing with big brands and businesses to implement and maintain winning paid-search marketing campaigns.

We optimize our PPC project for greater ROI despite serious competition, and over last 10 months we have been running both Bing and Yahoo PPC campaign ensuring big deal of sales and managing both the PPC behemoths stack up in the Asian market with staggering result. Our experience across all the major search engines leaves us well positioned to deliver a definitive pay-per-click marketing campaign with assured and successful outcomes.

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