The heart-core hardest and most time consuming factor of search engine optimization is striving to get top-quality backlinks. WhiteRobo holds years of experience and well-qualified professionals expert in building quality backlinks to help you gaining top rankings for your websites/online stores.

Backlink Analysis Services

High-quality Backlinks

Google rewards the websites that are built with genuine and quality backlinks and those are positively related to niche category/industry. Hence, WhiteRobo focuses on creating and promoting top-notch content for its clients. We specially make use of customized software to build backlinks, a one thousand numbers of database, best targeted Advertisements, Web 2.0 and verified directory sites. In addition, we manually submit around ten tens of genuinely build backlinks to increase your SEO performance and rank your website/online store to perform best in search engine results.

Audit your Backlinks to improve your Search Engine Results

We believe in periodic audit of your backlinks as it is the vital part of effective SEO strategy. Following are the factors to be considered in particular and wherein we recommend backlink audit and detox;

  • Dropped search engine rankings for your website
  • No Google penalty for your website
  • If you paid for Links previously
  • If your website is promoted by black hat SEO

We doctor your website and do analysis on the backlinks to get you a detailed picture. WhiteRobo;

  • Identifies any damaging backlinks and remove links that offer zero value profit
  • Manages the time conserving process to maintain webmaster contacts and link removal requests
  • Manages Google’s disavow process to secure your website’s performance
  • Ensures that your website to re-index by Google

We assess your website’s traffic and search engine ranking performance at first. There are chances of losing website’s reputation because of penguin penalty. Therein we focus on doctoring your website to remove unnatural links, bad links and link anchor texts. In principle, Google’s algorithm depends on links. Initially, we do assessment on existing backlinks portfolio, as per we provide solutions to support your link building campaign. It comprises;

  • Link Strategies
  • New Links
  • Quality of Links
  • Increasing and Decreasing of total number of Links as per the need
  • Distinct Domain Creation
  • Keyword rich and Branded Anchor Text
  • Monitoring the Page performance

We concentrate on deep analysing on backlinks’ quality and we remove low quality backlinks from websites those are badly hitting by Google updates.

Our Unique Capability

A team of backlink analyst experts and auditors who have hands on experience in auditing backlinks in WhiteRobo assures you a stamped backlink analysis service. We utilize a specialized process that comprehensively covers every aspect of a successful back linking campaign;

  • Download critical links from Google webmaster tools
  • Utilization of varied backlink tools such as Opensiteexplorer, Ahref, and BacklinkWatch
  • Links amalgamation with webmaster backlink report
  • Linking of domain page and rank check
  • Domain content quality check
  • Domain authority check
  • Link type check (no follow, do follow)
  • Linked anchor text check
  • Paid backlink check
  • Assessment of linked domain relevant to niche market
  • Assessment of total number of ads running on linked domain
  • Grey hat links (forums, articles, directories, et al)
  • Modification of link anchor texts
  • Application for link removal request to webmaster
  • Submission disavowed file to Google
  • In-depth Report generation

WhiteRobo's backlink analysis services verify your website leading to higher rankings and increased online presence.

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